Women in Football 2016 Survey Analysis

8 March 2016

Women in Football 2016 Survey Analysis

The results from our 2016 Women in Football Survey are now in...

Overall, more than 70% of women had witnessed sexist 'banter' or 'jokes' in the workplace, over 60% of the participants had witnessed sexism and in excess of 41% had witnessed bullying in the workplace.

In terms of experiencing these issues on a personal level in the workplace, the key findings included:

  • 61.88% experienced sexist 'banter' or 'jokes'
  • Around 15% had been sexually harrassed
  • 24% had been bullied

Tellingly, 50% perceived football as 'not being accomodating' to working mothers, a statisic supported by the fact that only 3 out of 63 had workplaces offering creche/nursery facilities.

Nearly three quarters of the survey's participants (70%) agreed or strongly agreed that women have to be better at their jobs than their male colleagues to succeed in the football industry.

Almost 90% of women participating in the survey agreed that more could be done to improve opportunities for women in the football industry.

Download our full analysis here 

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