Power to the Bump - support for new mothers

8 June 2016

Power to the Bump - support for new mothers

In 2016 the Equality and Human Rights Commission/Department for Business, Innovation and Skills published research findings, which showed that young women are more likely to experience particular negative and potentially discriminatory experiences related to their pregnancy and maternity in the workplace. Many of these were related to their health and wellbeing which were particularly affected in pregnancy:

  • 10% of mothers under 25 reported they left their employers as a result of risks not being resolved vs a 4% average.
  • 25% of mothers who were under 25 reported experiencing a negative impact on their health and stress levels vs a 15% average.
  • 15% of mothers under 25 were discouraged from attending antenatal appointments vs a 10% average.

The full briefing highlighting findings relating to young mothers are available so click on this link to find out more.

In response to the research, the EHRC launched a new online campaign to empower young expectant and new mothers to know their rights at work and to raise their confidence to assert these rights. This includes supporting women to have early conversations with employers and therefore early resolution to avoidable pregnancy and maternity issues.

The five top tips are:

#PowertotheBump is a positive, light hearted campaign with a serious underlying message. Encouraging women to all give ‘power to the bump’ during their pregnancy to make sure their health comes first during this important time.

You can test your knowledge of women’s pregnancy and maternity rights in the workplace by clicking the online quiz link here.

From our own Women in Football survey we are aware that women feel that they suffer disadvantage through being a working mother, which is why we felt that providing our network with information about campaigns like this could be a useful tool.

If you would like to find out more and see how your football workplace could support this campaign then contact Rosie Wallbank, Project Manager, 0161 829 8421

You can follow on social media: #powertothebump @ehrc

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