"What a way to start the season!"

9 September 2019

"What a way to start the season!"

Now the dust has settled a little bit, what an incredible, uplifting opening weekend that was for women's football!

Manchester City saw a Barclays FAWSL record crowd of 31,213 attend Saturday's win over Manchester United at Etihad Stadium.

Just 24 hours later 24,564 watched Chelsea beat Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge - five times higher than their previous best crowd.

Last season's average attendance in the league was 833.

The interest and enthusiasm for girls and women to not only watch football, but start playing it too, has been evident.

From FA Wildcats to women of a certain age, the lost generation, putting on a pair of boots for the first time - it is clear that the time is now. The time is ours. The time is right.

Take a look at the quality of these four goals from a memorable weekend and try to say otherwise - 

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