#WhatIf we gave away a full set of Zocks to a women’s football team?

17 June 2019

#WhatIf we gave away a full set of Zocks to a women’s football team?

#WhatIf we gave away a full set of Zocks to a women’s football team?

Thanks to our friends at Zock Ltd we are able to offer one girls or women's team the opportunity to protect your metatarsals with a unique "Zock".

What is a Zock?

The Zock was developed just over four years ago and was an idea first developed whilst watching a game of football.

When one of the players injured their metatarsals and could no longer continue to play for the rest of the season, we began to think about the possibility of making a product that would reduce the impact to the foot, without reducing the ability to kick the ball.

Coming from a medical background and enjoying sports ourselves the product had to protect all of the bones in the foot without reducing the ability to kick at full potential. With the help of a designer we produced a device that is exactly what we wanted.

The initial design, and sourcing the correct material, took a few months, but we finally came up with a concept where we could produce a high class product, and in October 2016 the first Zock was born.

Following the initial product formation we then had to test Zock out to ensure it did what we hoped it would! 

With the help of the University of Central Lancashire, under the stewardship of Professor James Richards and his research department, we were able to conduct various tests over a period of ten months.

The results found that "Zock significantly reduces the impact to the metatarsal bones and can prevent injury to this area".

We have since come onto the market and have been going from strength to strength. We have secured various sponsorship deals ranging from 6-a-side rugby teams to local football groups.

We are passionate about protecting and enhancing players of all abilities, ages and genders.

How to apply for this offer

Please DM @ZockLtd direct on Twitter and explain why you would like your team to be considered for this offer.

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