Special Twitter four-part Q&A series kicks off in style with Lewes FC board member Charlie Dobres

7 March 2019

Special Twitter four-part Q&A series kicks off in style with Lewes FC board member Charlie Dobres

Lewes FC board member Charlie Dobres gets ready to take part in our live Twitter Q&A

In the first of Women in Football's special Twitter Q&A sessions in celebration of International Women's Day, we were delighted to welcome Lewes FC board member Charlie Dobres to kick off our four-part series.

Charlie was asked a range of questions and we share his answers to some great questions here:

Q: Chelsea via email - What do you think of England's #SheBelieves Cup success? Will that change things?

A: It was a magnificent display that will undoubtedly help to further raise the profile of women's football in this country.

Q: @LunGi_Mac via @TwitterUK - What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your role?

A: Introducing FACTS about history about womens' football to replace the misconceptions, bias and sexism. Eg, 50-year ban, eg displacement from proper home stadiums, eg historical under-investment in the game. In particular, the 50-year ban left mens' football to monopolise all the resources and all the attention.

Q: Lynn via email - Why is women's football an opportunity for growth for sponsors and investors?

A: Mens' football is great, the but sponsorship market is saturated and it's hard to say in generality what mens' football "stands for". Women's football is an open goal for sponsors to be actually noticed and is a great opportunity to back what is more of "a movement", by which I mean a "movement for change" and an exciting, fast-developing sport.

Q: @JanePurdon via @TwitterUK - Sunday 31 March: @LewesFCWomen v @DurhamWFC or #CheckatradeTrophyFinal? Haway the lads or haway the lasses?

A: Obviously Lewes v Durham; 31 March is Mothers' Day and we are organising the mother of all parties down at the Pan, like we do for all matches! #Prosecco #Cake #Band

Q: Steve via email - How do you become an owner at Lewes?

A: That's easy! Just go to and it will take about 2 minutes and £30. We really need as many owners as possible to help us do what we do.

Q: Ian via email - How did you get involved at Lewes?

A: In 2009 Lewes had financial difficulties. A group of us got together to turn club into 100% fan-owned entity as a) I love football and b) football can do great things in society.

Q: Jim via email - How’s The FA prize-money campaign going?

A: We've had a fantastic response and lots of support throughout women's football. We will hope to soon be announcing a working group to create a proposal to take to The FA board.

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