From Grease to girls playing football and a whole lot more - we've got it covered in our #AskEartha Q&A

7 March 2019

From Grease to girls playing football and a whole lot more - we've got it covered in our #AskEartha Q&A

Eartha Pond - answered your questions in a Twitter Q&A special

In the second of our special Women in Football Q&A sessions ahead of International Women's Day 2019, Eartha Pond answers all your questions. From Serena Williams to sports bras; from teaching tips to England's World Cup chances this summer, Eartha Pond speaks out.

Take a look at the pick of the questions and answers here:

Q: Kat via email - Of all your achievements which one has made you most proud?

A: Playing in my first FA Cup Final four years after leaving school, has to be right up there. It was bigger than just me, it was a representation of my community and environment growing up.

Even up to this day I have people telling me things such as "OMG I was in prison watching TV and I saw you playing and I was like ‘that girl’s from my area, she’s wicked at football’. I was so excited and proud when I saw you representing for the community".

Which to me, reminds me that life is merely about choices! You are either happy about the choice you made or learn from it, especially growing up in an area of statistical deprivation such as mine. What we lacked financially we made up in abundance in community cohesion.

Q: Gary via email - How do you fit so much into every day?! 

A: A lot of people think it’s about time management, when in actual fact it’s energy management. Anything that's important to you, you will find the time to make sure it gets done.

So, football, young people and my community are all non-negotiable! So with integrity at the forefront I always action what’s needed rather than what’s wanted.

Q: Siobhan via email - Who would you like to play you in a film? And who would you like to play in a film?

A: Apart from myself, I would love @MichaelaCoel to play me in a film because she is an amazing actress who delivers any story line clinically! In regards to who would I like to play.....It would have to be either Serena Williams or Michelle Obama! 

Q: Faye via email - Will England win the World Cup this summer?

A: I would love for it to happen, but realistically I would have to say no. I don't envy Phil in the upcoming months, but if he is outright focusing on winning rather than squad building he has to select players that are both experienced and inform!

If there are players that meet both criteria, they have to be serious contenders for selection with inform players making up the remaining places.

Q: Tope via email - What do you think are the main obstacles for girls to achieve equal treatment at the highest levels of football? 

A: The expectations to start have to be held at the same standards as the men, but on the flip-side so does the facilities/management/resources/wages and officials. 

Time limitations to work with players on and off the field not in a generic capacity is essential, to stretch and challenge players in ways that engage them.

As a result players mindsets have to be right to ensure they maximize these benefits. 

Q: Aston via email - How do you maintain girls’ interest in playing football during puberty? Why do you think this stops?

A: In my opinion girls need to be equipped to participate first and foremost. So, with the onset of puberty, it is essential that girls are wearing sports bras to participate in sport. This at least gives them the capacity to psychologically focus on 'just playing' rather than what their body looks like when moving and who's observing this.

I see it in my capacity as a teacher, young girls who are passionate about football in Year 7 go through puberty and that all changes (especially within an enrichment capacity). I would love to run a national campaign to really look into this, as it’s something I am passionate about! 

#WhatIf I got commissioned to research this exact ongoing issue! For example, Serena Williams is one of (if not) the biggest sponsored athlete at Nike, yet they still do not have a Sports bra that comes in her size or matches her dynamic needs! If Serena is not significant enough to produce a product and facilitate her need, what significance or chance does little Jane from Chesterfield have!

Q: Savanah via email - What is the best film you have seen and why?

A: My favourite film of all time is Grease! Anyone who knows me knows that I have grown up on musicals from a young age, so films such as Oliver and Annie are not far behind! If I didn't focus so much with sports growing up, I would definitely be doing something in a musical/creative capacity! 

Q: Brandon via email - Do you have time for holidays and if so, where is your dream destination?

A: This is definitely the area that takes a hit, because I am always doing something or helping someone! Anywhere hot, clean with good fresh local produce will do me fine!

My usual go to destination in St Lucia, which is the country my dad/grandparents originate from. But I would love to go to Ethiopia, as it is rich in history, heritage and hot weather!  

Q: Yu via email - What three key factors make a good teacher an exceptional one?

A: 1) Consistency is key both in regards to delivery and teacher/student relationships

2) Reflect on your practice & be open to feedback/support both internal & through CPD (this includes student feedback)

3) Get to know your students and be willing to take risk! No one size fits all.

Q: Kwame via email - Given a choice, would you have played for any other teams?

A: I would have loved to have graced the international stage at some point during my career. Having played at the highest level from such an early age and 99% of my teammates having earned international caps, this has always been a myth to me.

Playing regularly at club level and at times even ahead of players being selected nationally! As you know I am not a mathematics teacher, but it's never quiet added up (unlike @MichaelDapaah 'Man's not hot'). 

Maybe if we had the media coverage we have now, it might have stopped me being called 'the best player never to play for her country'. 

Q: Vaughan via email - What is your favourite meal?

A: I love anything vegetarian marinated well, but with my favourite food of all time avocado! I am a minimalist when it comes to food, I love vegetables & caribbean ground provisions.......with avocado obviously! 


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