Public Seminar: Sportswomen as Brand Ambassadors - The prospects, challenges and possibilities

2 July 2018

Public Seminar: Sportswomen as Brand Ambassadors - The prospects, challenges and possibilities

University of Greenwich will host the Sportswomen as Brand Ambassadors event

There have been concerns about gender pay gaps in business, politics and sport is not immune to this gap when it comes to prize money and endorsements. On the 2018 Forbes’ Top 100 Athletes, there was no single woman and you wonder what is really going on.

Women’s participation in sports has increased over the years, however, the media coverage and marketing has not reflected such progress. It appeared that the media are not making enough effort in publicising women sports and, therefore, the public may not be as aware of women’s sports.

'Sportswomen as Brand Ambassadors' is an event which presents the findings of research at the University of Greenwich, which explores the challenges and possibilities of sportswomen being brand ambassadors.

Leanne Dingle, from Women in Football, joins other keynote speakers to offer an opportunity to shed more light on these challenges, highlighting the limitations and providing some solutions on how brands can be more proactive in supporting the sportswomen and how sportswomen can develop their brands and be more appealing.

Dr Abi Badejo - Griffith University, Australia

Sarah Williams - Tough Girl Challenges

Leanne Dingle - All Heart Ltd / Women in Football

Jamie Page - Mediacom

Dr Emmanuel Mogaji - University of Greenwich, London

Date - Monday 9 July 2018

Time - 6pm

University of Greenwich, London

King William Building

Room KW003

Tickets for this event are FREE. Click here to register.

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