Špela Krajnc - do you have time to help with a quick(ish!) questionnaire?

11 June 2018

Špela Krajnc - do you have time to help with a quick(ish!) questionnaire?

Špela Krajnc, a Slovenian journalism student, is looking for WiFs to help with her research

Špela Krajnc, a Slovenian journalism student, has been in touch asking for our help reaching out to Women in Football to assist with research for her Master’s Thesis with the University of Groningen, Netherlands,

"I’m a woman on a mission, trying to research what I think is yet an unknown field: strategic use of gender identity of women working in sports,” explained Špela.

"In other words, I want to build understanding of the professional and gender identity of female sports journalists and explore journalists’ own perceptions of their work. I am gathering information via an online questionnaire.

“I am as guilty as everyone of ignoring online surveys - it is easy to do because let’s be honest, it’s not how most of us imagine spending our time online!

“That being said, the goal of this research is to understand women's own feelings about their journalistic profession, which are incredibly valuable for understanding the field. 

“The survey is not the shortest one  - it will take around 15 minutes - and it is totally anonymous. The more responses I am able to gather, the stronger the analysis will be.

“I will really appreciate any WiF who can take the time to participate."

If you are able to assist Špela then please click on the link here for the survey

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